You can use
regular or low-fat
sour cream with
these mixes
Sour Cream Dips and Spreads
Morningstar Specialty Foods
Enjoy these
delicious dips with
chips, bread sticks
pretzels, crackers
fresh veggies
as a terrific baked
potato topping
Your family and friends
will LOVE these flavorful
dips so much they will
ask for your recipe!
So easy....just add to 1
sour cream and stir
Cajun Persuasion
Just as the name and
this one is medium high on the heat scale'
Great served with corn chips and
tortilla chips, pretzels and veggies..
Creamy French Onion
This one will bring back memories of your
youth! A tried and true favorite.
Great with  chips...........
and everything else
Mexican Fiesta
Full of flavor, with only a little heat.
Use this on tacos, chips, salads,
and anything else you can find.
Spicy Onion
This is my favorite.....full of  a little bit
of old time french onion flavor with a
A nice punch of heat!
Great with chips, crackers, pretzels,
veggies.... and to cook with, as a meat rub
or seasoning for burgers and meatloaf.
Spinach Vegetable
Full of spinach and herbs...........this is a
often requested
favorite.  Heavenly with fresh veggies,
pretzels, fresh bread and bread sticks.
Sun-dried Tomato and Bacon
Who doesn't like a bacon and tomato
sandwich?? Full of fresh herbs and
spices. Serve with fresh veggies,
chips, pretzels, baked potatoes
and bread sticks
Garlic and Herb
If you love garlic, this one is for you!
This will add abundant flavor to your
fresh veggies, chips,
crackers,baked potatoes and pretzels
Creamy Cucumber Dill
This one a delicious , light, and fresh with
the taste of fresh cucumbers and dill
weed.  We love it as dip , as a salad
dressing and as a spread for sandwiches.