When you need a quick
and delicious snack  for
your family and friends,
you'll be so glad to have
these on hand.
Savory Cream Cheese Spreads
Morningstar Specialty Foods
Beer Cheese Spread
Just like mom use to make.....
A delicious spread for crackers, bread
pretzels or anything else
this one is always a hit with the guys!
Chipped Beef and Cheddar Cheese

a great combination of flavors
spread on crackers
bread sticks, crackers or fresh

These are made with
cream cheese,
reguler or low-fat
Great to keep on hand, they
Keep in you pantry
for up to a year
Chives, Dill and Peppercorn

one of our original flavors,
this one has a gourmet flavor
without the gourmet work!
Crab Lovers

Just add a small can of crab meat
and cream cheese and your ready to enjoy
the fresh flavor of the sea